valtrex™ is a possible to speak of the need for surgical treatment only when all non-surgical measures have been used, but there is no effect. In any case, it is also impossible to correct violations of the finest mechanisms of immune regulation with a knife, as to eliminate a software failure in a computer with a saw and an ax. You can only try to prevent complications with a knife, so before you tackle it, you need to make sure if there is a tendency towards their development.

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valtrex Family Therapy It should be noted that it is very dangerous to perform adenotomy at an early age. All scientific journals write that before the age of five, any surgical interventions on the tonsils are generally undesirable. It must be borne in mind that with age, the tonsils themselves decrease in volume. In a person's life there is a certain time period when the body becomes actively acquainted with the surrounding microflora, and the tonsils work to their valacyclovir, they can slightly increase.

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When treating such patients, the most ancient medical principle that establishes a hierarchy of therapeutic effects is perfectly suited: a word, a plant, a knife. In other words, of paramount importance is a comfortable psychological atmosphere surrounding the child, reasonable passage through various colds without loss of immunity, non-surgical methods of treatment, and only at the very last stage of adenotomy. This principle should be used for all diseases without exception, however, modern medicine, armed to the teeth with powerful means of influence, mainly thinks about how to shorten the duration of treatment, while creating more and more iatrogenic ones (which are caused by the treatment process itself) diseases.

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Among the various non-drug methods useful for correcting the child's immunodeficiency, which results in adenoids, practice shows the effectiveness of spa therapy, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicine. I would like to emphasize that these methods are effective only if the basic principles of passing through colds, which we talked about above, are observed.